EU Projekt für nachhaltige Wasserkraft


Participating in the name of GWNET - the Global Women's Network on the Energy Transition - I am part of the COST action on the Pan-European Network for Sustainable Hydropower that has just started. The main objective of this Action is to establish a Pan-European network for sustainable, digitalised hydropower contributing to the Clean Energy Transition (CET). CET is a united network of researchers, engineers, scholars, and other stakeholders, such as representatives from industry, policy and civil society, to facilitate close collaboration among European research groups through projects supporting sustainable hydropower.

I am honored and pleased to be in this initiative as a Member of the Management Committee, and happy to also represent gender and stakeholder issues in Working Group 5 "Holistic assessment and stakeholders" under the lead of Dr. Marina Cerpinska from Riga. Interested to participate? Learn more under this link COST Pan-European Network

The kick-off venue on 14th of September, 2022, was a busy day in Brussels and saw a happy group of participants from all over Europe.

COST Pen-Kickoff_Gruppenbild